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Tefillin Level 1
Tefillin Level 1
Price: $1090.00

These Tefillin are Kosher L’chatchila.
The Parshiyos are written with the full requirements of Halacha. Please be advised: Avoid Tefillin which are cheaper than these. They are typically made with Batim Peshutim which are pieces of parchment glued together. They are of poor quality, not as durable, and are halachachly not preferable. It is therefore recommended that every effort be made to acquire Gasos Batim which are made out of thick hide, and are far more superior. If for any reason, one must settle on Peshutim, please contact us.

Side: Right Handed
Left Handed
Retzuos: Regular
Black both sides (+$30.00)

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